About Us


Whistle Jacket Farm is a state-of-the-art boarding facility located in Southwest Ohio, outside Cincinnati. A unique boarding facility in each stall includes a private paddock. Superb, quality care, and a professional, yet personal, training-focused environment makes Whistle Jacket Farm the top choice in boarding and training for the horse and rider. 

Mission Statement

Whistle Jacket Farm was founded in 2000 in Racine, Wisconsin, and was a successful boarding facility there for 14 years. After moving to Ohio, we decided to build a new stable to house our horses and create a beautiful, functional training facility for boarders. This was our opportunity to create the perfect barn, so we added many of the features to the new barn that we have found provide a healthy, safe, and enjoyable environment for the horse and rider. We cater to the needs of horses and riders in the Hunter, Jumper, Dressage and Eventing disciplines.

“My love for horses and the desire to provide the best care was a reason for opening Whistlejacket in Lebanon, Ohio,” says Jennifer. “Currently competing in jumpers, I look at competition horses as athletes. These horses require careful observation, quality food, attention to attitude, training, safe turnout, medical care and farrier services …  so much goes into the partnership with your horse, from training to emotional devotion.  My vision for Whistlejacket Farm was to create a top quality training facility for horses and riders.”